You had to ask didn’t you?

I’ve owned this domain since 1998 when some well intentioned friends decided to give it to me as a gag gift. Never thinking that I would take it seriously, they started a short term obsession for me. My first DSL connection granted me a static IP address, for free. Imagine those halcyon days! So I took it upon myself to use my new found knowledge of RedHat Linux to turn a Pentium 100 into a small webserver.

I had no idea what sort of a task I had taken on. I needed to not only get Apache set up, but also DNS pointed at my wee little box that was also serving email and firewall duties. At that time I barely had my arms around the concepts involved in TCP/IP; jumping head first into deploying a BIND 8.4 daemon and getting MX records set up properly turned into a major learning experience. I got it conquered in good time with the help of a few O’Reilly books. DNS & BIND is still on my bookshelf. I owe Cricket Liu and Paul Albitz lattes at some point, they set me off on a career path.

The first inception of miah.org was all flat HTML files that I used mainly to teach myself HTML 4 and CSS. I graduated to some very basic PHP after that, and finally landed on a CMS called PHP-Nuke. There have been many iterations and experiments where I have foisted my writings (bad as they were) up on the internet.

What is it now? Well, this is where I post all my half-baked ideas and other non-sense that needs a more permanent home than can be offered on a social media site. My resumé is still here and hopefully other things of interest. One of my goals is to start “publishing back” to the world all of the information I have absorbed in the last decade or so. Or, this will just end up being a ton of pictures of my cat… we’ll see.