The Springs and Things

Serendipity is a beautiful thing. There I sat pondering what to do with my last Friday off before a shift change. I had nothing good in mind, at all. Watching Aliens 3 was as far towards a plan as I had gotten. Suddenly Dan calls to inform me that he has purchased a 2013 Ford Mustang that is, “so green you can’t hear yourself think. With this information in hand Dan proceeds to ask me if I want to get breakfast and then head down to Colorado Springs to consume the largest burger made in the state. How could I refuse? Continue reading

Oops! I Bought a Scooter

I didn’t think I’d ever be into it, but I guess I am. Not in an obsessed way, just a very cheerful way. There are all manner of bits and bobs you can kit out with – none of it necessary at all. Shocks, tires, bags, jackets, helmets, gloves, paint, stickers, cases, planes, trains, and automobiles – all bollocks. The raw machine fits it’s purpose just fine and doesn’t require anything.

Continue reading

Teh Age of Dagrons!

Oh Trogdor, how I’ve missed thee. But you aren’t the dragon I was talking about. Just in time for finals a game I’d been keeping my eyes on went on sale for a price that I’m willing to pay for a game. Being that I am what the kids these days are calling a “casual gamer” I tend not to be on the bleeding edge of games. And I’m cheap. So when I got some spam that informed me that Dragon Age II was down to the price of twenty bucks, I pulled the trigger and bought it, just in time for finals. I played the first in the series over and over at the beginning of the year, and I’m pleased to say that the sequel was in every way an enhancement. Continue reading

Adventures of a Gear Slut

Damn you Dan, see what you’ve done. Having managed to put up the actual physical instrument for years in favor of virtual ones I had forgotten the pleasure of actually handling an object. I had purchased a Schecter Omen about a year ago when looking for a cheap instrument that I could use for various guitar related duties. Cheap I found, literally $150 on Amazon. You get what you pay for though. Not wanting to besmirch Schecter in the slightest; I absolutely adore their instruments for their balance of quality and economy. The use of laser routing and standard parts and practices makes for very high consistent fit and finish. Unfortunately, I aimed too low in the model I chose. Continue reading